Additional Nutritional Recommendations

Feb. 17 2021 — By: Curmari Lewis, Personal Trainer

For this weeks blog, the focus is to gain or increase knowledge on a balance diet, daily recommendation intake of nutrients, and key information on food labels. For the next couple weeks, I will be posting simple nutritional recommendations that will benefit each individual increase and improve their fitness and personal goals. Before starting, I want to mention I am only certified to create physical fitness programs, for any nutritional programs you are interested in please visit the resources I provide at the end of each article. Lets Get Started:

Healthy Food Guide Options~

  • MyPlate
  • Exchange System
  • Key Nutrient Concepts
  • Yale Overall Nutritional Quality Index
  • Harvard Healthy Eating Plate
  • Mediterranean Food Guide
  • Dash Diet

Each of the following Food Guide Options provided are highly trusted, reliable, and recommended for individuals who are looking for a reference for healthy eating, dieting, and proper intake of particular foods. MyPlate is updated every 5 years, and the previous update was 2015 to 2020. MyPlate is currently updated for 2020 to 2025. Visit MyPlate (FREE) : Additional Food & Health Resource (FREE) :

What is a Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet is a diet that contains a variety of foods in certain quantities and proportions so that the requirement for calories, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and alternative nutrients. A balanced diet is one that fulfills all of a persons nutritional needs. The human body needs a certain amount of calories and nutrients to stay healthy. Again, a balanced diet provides all the nutrients an individual requires, without going over the recommended daily calorie intake. A balanced diet is key because what we put in our body is a reflection on how we look, feel, and perform in out day to day life. Here are some health benefits of a balanced diet:

  1. Healthy eating increases energy, and improves the way the body operates, strengthens your immune system and prevents weight gain. – Healthy eating is beneficial for ALL individuals.
  2. Healthy eating provides the nutrients you need to avoid nutritional deficiencies. -Most people believe healthy eating is expensive and hard to follow. A balanced diet screams moderation because too much of anything can be bad. This is another key reason to follow a balanced diet because you are consuming most things in portions without changing the certain foods.
  3. Healthy eating can prevent the risk of developing certain diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. – A balanced diet is helpful in treating diabetes and high blood pressure. Also, following a special diet can reduce symptoms, and may help you better manage a illness or condition.
  4. Healthy eating allows the body to feel energetic and manage your weight- A balanced diet will assist you to feel alert and combat stress.

General Guidelines For Healthy Eating ~

  1. Don’t Skip a meal. – Skipping meals lower your metabolic rate. Normal eating includes 3 major meals and 2 snacks between meals. For more on food guidelines check out:
  2. Healthy eating DOES NOT mean complicated eating. – Most guidelines recommend eating more raw foods, such as: salads, fruits, and vegetable juices. It is key for you to focus on the pleasure of eating healthy rather than the calories.
  3. Stop when you feel fuller than a house. – It is important to eat in moderation and not over eat. This helps you maintain your weight to an extent and keep you alert and feeling your best.
  4. Drink PLENTY of water. – Keep a water bottle near you while you watch tv, work, throughout your day.
  5. Limit stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, and refined sugar.
  6. Limit the number of times you eat out to once to twice a week.
  7. Only eat things you like the taste of! – This is key because when you force yourself to do something you don’t like doing. You are likely to go back to what’s comfortable. Find what works for you and don’t force yourself to eat things just because they’re good for you.

Nutrient Content Claims ~

Every food item contains a food label & this image above shows the key nutritional information to help guide you the certain foods to intake. On each label you want to start on CHECKING SERVING SIZE. 2. Check Calories. 3. LOOK @ Daily % value. *Note: anything 5% or less is low AND 20% or more is high. 4. Check the FOOTNOTES. These are 4 key things you want to look for on a food label. You want to limit all the following nutrients on the food label: sodium, cholesterol, saturated fat, and Total fat. This information is common knowledge to the public because it is required by law individuals know what certain foods contain. For more information on balanced diets visit: It has been super fun diving into nutrition and dieting. In the coming weeks weekly blogs will be focused on physical fitness and key exercises that will benefit you in your daily life. Comment with any fitness questions and Share with friends, family, co-workers, and gym partners. Food is essential to the human body & what we put inside our body matters especially if you are an individual with fitness goals and plan to live a long healthy life.

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2 thoughts on “Additional Nutritional Recommendations”

  1. Matris WardLewis

    Awesome article on Nutrition and Healthy food options knowledgeable is power on understanding
    the human body needs a certain amount of calories and nutrients to stay healthy. Especially in the stress of our current everyday lives it is important to understand every food item contains a food label & this image above shows the key nutritional information to help guide you the certain foods to intake very valuable information.

    1. Yes! What we put in our body is extremely important and the body relies so much on the food we intake. Thank you for your wonderful comment! more nutritional information coming soon. If you are interested in any other fitness and nutritional topics please comment or let me know! thank you again & stay well.

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