Day 20: Full Bodyweight Workout

By: Curmari Lewis, Personal Trainer

Today is day 20 of our Fitness challenge for the Month of March. This challenge was made for you to have a reference on various types of exercises you can choose to do in order to achieve your fitness goals. It is important in fitness you take notes on your goals and areas of the body you look to improve most. This allows you to dictate which areas of the body that need to be worked on most to achieve your particular goal. For those that didn’t necessarily have a fitness goal this time around is completely normal. Working out is beneficial for a persons daily and overall health, so even without particular goals for yourself this time around you still should congratulate yourself for completing a fitness challenge for the year 2021.

As for the last day of our fitness challenge we will focus on a bodyweight full body workout. Make sure you stretch out any stiff or tight muscles before and after your workout today to prevent injury or muscle overload. A bodyweight circuit workout is an awesome way for you to see fast results in strength, endurance, muscle mass, and conditioning. In a circuit, you move from one exercise to the next with little to no rest between moves. Lastly before getting into todays work, circuit training does not allow your heart to rest or slow down, it keeps it up consistently throughout your workout allowing you to burn more calories faster and lose weight. ~ Lets GO!

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  1. Jump Rope: 30 seconds : 3 sets
  2. Burpees: 8-10 reps : 3 sets
  3. Jump squats: 20- 25 reps : 3 sets
  4. Crunches: 40- 50 reps : 3 sets
  5. Push-ups : 15- 20 reps : 3 sets
  6. Dips: 10-12 reps: 3 sets
  7. Chinups: 8-10 reps : 3 sets
  8. Pull-ups: 8-10 reps : 3 sets

The best part about a bodyweight exercise is that anyone can do it themselves with hard work and dedication. Do all the exercises in this order or modify in the order of your choice. Rest for 30 seconds between exercises and 3 minutes after each set. Complete a total of 3 rounds. Let Me know how this workout was for you. Also, If you have any question on how you can modify or increase a particular exercise for a certain goal of yours: Text me (Coach Mari) 877-242- 7286

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