Bye 2020, Hello New Year

Dec. 31,2020 — By: Curmari Lewis, Creator/ Personal Trainer

Uncomfortably Fit is a personal training service that providers fitness, wellness, and nutritional coaching to reach your personal, physical, and mental goal. My name is Curmari Lewis creator and trainer for Uncomfortably fit. As we say goodbye to the year 2020, I want to introduce you to my companies Pre-Launch for the year 2021.

Uncomfortably Fit is a Black owned business serving Inland and Southern California. The goal for 2021 is to continue to provide nutritional, wellness, and fitness coaching to those willing to build and maintain their physical and mental health. Uncomfortably Fit does not discriminate towards any race, sex, gender, or sexual orientation by their size or mental/physical ability. We currently hold in-person personal training services in San Bernardino County and Riverside county, California ( For more information on training Call or Text( 877)-242-7286 FREE CONSULTATION). Virtual personal training services is offered via zoom (For more Information on Virtual Services, Visit our “CLASS PAGE” or CALL/TEXT (877)-242-7286).

What we represent!

Uncomfortably Fit represents Truth, Knowledge, and comfortability. The techniques used for clients and members is based on research and human body science. Uncomfortably Fit plans to expand services to all areas of California and within the United States within the next 10 years. For clients and members outside of California during our pre-launch and establishment of services, we will provide you with fitness, wellness, and nutritional services virtual until you come face to face with our finest coaches and mentors. The year 2020 has taught all of us so much. One key component of 2020 we won’t take for granted is the accessibility to technology. We will continue to stay safe and connected through endless technical services supported in your area. For More information Call/Text 877-242-7286 for virtual consolation and personal training services.

Our Primary Goal!

At Uncomfortably Fit, we provide ALL individuals motivation and encouragement to achieve their physical & mental goal. Our trainers and life coaches are qualified individuals that provide members and clients with accountability, mentorship, encouragement, and fitness advice. You can visit our blog page for fitness, wellness, and nutritional short articles and videos EVERY WEDNESDAY @7:15am. Our members blog will be for those who subscribe for 1.99 Monthly, you will have access to fitness calendar, fitness video, and trainer exclusive on fitness and mindfulness, (FOR MORE INFORMATION TOWARDS SUBSCRIPTION VISIT “CLASS PAGE or CALL FOR FREE INSTRUCTION”. Year 2021 will be the first of many for Uncomfortably fit. Personally I encourage those who look forward to increase, grow, and change to a better you the best this year in your health, wealth, and personal goals. I look forward in mentoring, coaching, and learning from members and clients that find a home with us here. The legendary Booker T. Washington said, Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed. Goodbye 2020, and Hello 2021. Happy New Year Uncomfortably Fit Family.
As we say goodbye to 2020, and began New with 2021 always ENDURE AND OPEN MIND WHILE MAINTAINING BALANCE WITHIN THE BODY. ~ Stay Active & Be Well.


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