5 Part Series: The Stages of Change, Part: 1

January 9th, 2021 — By: Curmari Lewis, Creator/ Personal Trainer

The Stages of Change is a FREE 5 part series diving into various fitness training topics ranging from flexibility, overtraining, benefits of integrated training, and cardio training model. This is the first series from Uncomfortably Fit and will be posted every Saturday at 8am. (Part 1 is here & episode 1 shows next week) You will be able to access Series One for Free, and last episode of series is February 6, 2021. Videos will be posted using this link: https://uncomfortablyfit.com/index.php/category/blog/ & Youtube channel (Uncomfortably Fit). Like, Comment, & Subscribe to Youtube Channel. After series 1, Uncomfortably Fit will charge $2.99 for Subscription to access future series, fitness videos, and members blog/ Promotional post. You can subscribe NOW using this link: https://uncomfortablyfit.com/index.php/product/monthly-subscription/

The stages of change is discussed by personal trainer Curmari Lewis. Episode 1 uses a Change Model by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. The video dives into 5 stages: Precontemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, Maintenance. Tune in next Saturday 01/16 for next episode: Episode 1: The Importance of Flexibility

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