Strength Endurance Workout

By: Curmari Lewis, Creator/ Personal Trainer

Strength Endurance Training is designed to maintain stability while increasing the amount of stress placed on the body for increased muscle size and strength. An individual with the goal of increasing muscle size and overall strength endurance training is the right program for you. There are 5 focuses of this type of training. Here are the following:

  • Increase the ability of the core musculature to stabilize the pelvis and spine under heavier loads, through more complete ranges of motion.
  • Increase the volume of training
  • Increase the load- bearing capabilities of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and Joints.
  • Increase motor unit recruitment, frequency of motor unit recruitment, and motor unit synchronization
  • Increase metabolic demand and induce changes in muscle (weight loss)

Strength Endurance training can come in three phases. Phase 2 would be weight training and phase three maximal strength training. All three phases are offered to individuals who have this particular goal in mind or athletic training. Note: This form of training entails the use of super set techniques in which a more stable exercise for example a bench press immediately followed with a stabilization exercise such as a stability ball push up. For every set of an exercise in this particular training, there are actually two exercises or two sets being performed.

Strength Endurance Workout Video Detail:

Before every workout, I make sure to stretch out any tightness, stiffness, and nots to prevent injury. For more on flexibility and preventing injury be sure to take a read at this weeks blog on flexibility. The link is below: (Like, Comment, & Share) with family, friends, and people interested in fitness.

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    Here are workout conducted for this workout:

    🟨Stretch: 10-15 minutes (Active) 

    🟨 Warm-up: 5-10 minutes 

* Quick taps: 10-60 seconds 

* High Knees: 10-15 reps 

* (Alternative) Jumping Jacks: 10-15 reps 

* Brisk walk- light cardio: 5 minutes 

    🟨Workout: 20-50 minutes (FULLBODY) 

* (Progressed) Sit-up: 20-30 reps & 3-4 sets 

* Seated Dumbbell lateral raise: 10-15 reps & 3 sets 

* Seated Dumbbell Front raise: 10-15 reps & 3 sets 

* HYDRATE (Drink some water)

* Squat & Go: 8-15 reps & 3 sets 

* Barbell Lunge (per leg): 5-8 reps & 3 sets

* Barbell Squat: 5-8 reps & 3 sets 

– ALL DONE WITH WORKOUT: don’t forget the following:

– 5 to 10 minute cool down

– Close out Stretch

Here are other exercises used for strength endurance training:

Core/ Balance/ Reactive Exercises:

Ball Crunch 2 sets, 10-15 Reps

Single- Leg squat 2 Sets, 10-15 reps

Squat Jump 2 sets 10–15 reps

Resistance Exercises: Super-set fashion

Chest: Bench press/ Push up 2 Sets 12 reps (Each)

Back: Seated Cable Row/ Ball dumbbell row 2 sets 12 reps (Each)

Shoulders: Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press/ Single- leg squat 2 set 12 reps (Each)

Legs: Leg Press/ Step up to balance 2 sets 12 reps (Each)

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  1. Thanks for the simple exercise. It’s something we can all do at least a couple a day to stay healthy. Hearth health and calorie burning are good things.

    1. Im glad you find some of the exercises listed simple! if you have a Facebook you should like our Facebook page @UncomfortablyFitPage, I post simple and intense workouts ever Monday and Friday. Taking a couple days out your week to stay healthy can go a long way so thank you and I am encouraging you to incorporate exercises that are simple and easy for you to do daily 🙂

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