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Jan 27, 2021 — By: Curmari Lewis Creator/ Personal Trainer

Before diving into the current programs offered in fitness I want to give credit to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, for giving me the knowledge and courage to train. The National Academy of Sports Medicine as been my primary source on the knowledge and advice that I provide, here at Uncomfortably Fit. A Brief history of fitness and personal training in America is relatively new. Health clubs, also known as gyms were established 1950 to 1960. Fitness clubs were a male dominated environment in which men trained with free weights to increase size, strength, explosive strength or a combination of all these goals. In 1960 to 1970, women fitness hit the town. Women’s fitness centers or fitness salons became a poplar trend at these time. Women’s fitness centers typically focused on weight loss and spot reduction and most workouts were passive. For example, a rolling machine was used for thighs and electronic vibrating belt to help jiggle the fat from the thighs. Coming in 1970 to 1980, joining a health club or exercising outdoors became extremely popular. During this period of time health clubs became an outlet for men and women of all ages, regardless of physical. As I close on the background of fitness clubs, anyone with some basic experience and knowledge of training could potentially provide adequate information on training principles such as loads, sets, reps, etc their understanding and application of human movement science, anatomy, functional biomechanics, and motor behavior is something extremely different. Early days in fitness training it was not common to assess a new client. They focused on medical conditions, training risk factors, and goals. In present fitness coaching, you will see more assisting clients, and training risk factors, creating individualized fitness programs and motor behavior instructions. So, below I have provided a list of current fitness programs provided here at Uncomfortably Fit. For more information on inquires and fitness CALL/TEXT 877-242-7286.

Current Training Programs

  • Deconditioned: Does not simply mean a person is out of breath when climbing a flight of stairs or that they are overweight. It is a state in which a person may have muscle imbalances, decreased flexibility, or lack of core and joint stability. All these conditions can affect the human bodies ability to properly move and eventually lead to injury.
  • Proprioception: is the cumulative sensory input to the central nervous system from all mechanoreceptors that sense body position and limb movement. Most training programs don’t emphasize movements in all directions through the full muscle action spectrum which is concentric acceleration, eccentric deceleration, and isometric stabilization in an environment that enriches proprioception.
  • Proprioceptively Enriched Environment: is an unstable yet controlled physical situation in which exercises are performed that causes the body to use its internal balance and stabilization mechanisms. Some examples include performing a stability ball dumbbell chest press or single-leg squat versus the traditional bench press and barbell squat exercise. If an individual could not perform a certain exercise, it is the trainers duty to regress the exercise to an ideal posture and technique.

Goals and Strategies of Stabilization Level Training

  1. Improve Muscular endurance
  2. Enhance joint stability
  3. Enhance control of posture
  4. Improve neuromuscular efficiency (Balance, Stabilization, Muscular Coordination)

Training Strategies

  • Training in unstable, yet controlled environments (proprioceptively enriched)
  • Low loads, high repetitions

Goals and Strategies of Strength Endurance Training

  1. Improve stabilization endurance and increase prime mover strength
  2. Improve overall work capacity
  3. Enhance joint stabilization
  4. Increase lean body mass

Training Strategies

  • Moderate loads and Reps (8-12)
  • Superset: one traditional strength exercise and one stabilization exercise per body part in the resistance training portion of your program.

Goals and Strategies of Maximum Strength Training

  1. Increase motor unit recruitment
  2. Increase frequency of motor unit recruitment
  3. Improve peak force

Training Strategies

  • High loads, low reps (1-5), with longer rest periods

Goals and Strategies of Power Level Training

  1. Enhance neuromuscular efficiency
  2. Enhance prime mover strength
  3. Increase rate of force production

Training Strategies

  • Superset: one strength and one power exercise per body part in the resistance training portion of the program.
  • Perform all power exercises as fast as can be controlled

Specific Programs

  • Weight Loss Program (4-5 weeks) *Note: Individuals looking to lose weight this program is for you
  • Weight Training Program (4-5 weeks) *Note: Individuals looking to body build, gain massive muscle this program is for you.
  • Reactive & Quickness Program (4-5 weeks) *Note: Individuals looking to enhance quickness and reaction speed this program is for you.
  • Balance & Stabilization Program (4-5 weeks) * Note individuals looking to improve their balance and stabilization in daily activities this program is for you.
  • Behavioral & Planning Program (2 weeks) * Note individuals not sure where to start or what to focus on this program is for you. Individuals will be able to identify weekly goals and behavioral changes that need to occur to move forward to next step.

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As Always, endure an open mind while maintaining balance within the body.

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  1. As someone who is new to strength training, I found this article very informative and helpful. Knowing this information will allow me to improve my workouts and feel less intimidated about going to the gym. Thank you, Uncomfortably Fit!!

    1. Yes! I am glad my blogs are beneficial to you and improving your confidence in going to the gym. Check out this Saturdays series 1 episode 3 1/30/21 on the “Stage Training”. This episode and blog discuss how you can prevent overtraining and burn out. Especially if you are weight training, strength training, and looking to loss weight. I am super excited to hear you are going to the gym! Be sure to stay safe and if you have any questions on exercises you may want to incorporate at the gym give us a call or text :). Lastly, if you ever want a personalized program made for you on a particular goal you can contact me as well. The programs I make for my clients are meant for you to do on your own gym and time. If you of course want a trainer/ coach you can also contact me and get great discounts on a better fitness experience. Stay well & Get Fit!

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