Series 2: Episode 1 – The Benefits Of Sleep & Recovery in Fitness

By: Curmari Lewis, Personal Trainer/ Strength & Conditioning Coach

Welcome back to another 4- Part series here at Uncomfortably Fit, from me Personal Trainer Curmari Lewis. This series will cover various benefits of rest and recovery in fitness performance, and the impact towards overall fitness commitment and level of performance. In episode one I discuss two topics about how sleep helps your overall thought pattern and go into detail on why sleep is important to our bodies overall daily function. (Watch Now) — Comment & ask questions on things that aren’t clear to you or hard to understand!

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This video is only 5 minutes listen & apply accordingly to your body and fitness level. Lastly, make sure to check Next Saturday 04/10/21 at 7am, you can access episode 2 of this series discussing how sleep and recovery affect fitness performance. Find more series on Website: – “BLOG PAGE”

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Sleep & Recovery Resources + Sources

Accorrding to Raman K. Malhotra, Associate professor of Neurology explained in his Journal study “Sleep, Recovery, and Performance in sports” that poor sleep can lead to decreases in performance and recovery for athletes. The article explains how sleep disorders and symptoms are commonly seen in athletes, and may be unrecognized. It is important to educate athletes on adequate duration, quality, and timing of sleep. Some rest interventions mentioned and discussed include changes to practice times or careful planning for sleep and recovery habits. It is important to screen and treat sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia in individuals who engage in fitness and athletes. As a personal trainer, this topic is so important because the majority of athletes and fitness professionals have a challenging time making time to sleep and allow the body to recover mentally as well as physically.

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