About Us

About us


We at Uncomfortably Fit offer nutrition, fitness, and wellness coaching. We provide services to all types of individuals to maintain and reach their highest potential.

Our personal trainers and life coaches hold members and themselves physically and mentally accountable for each goal set.

Our physical fitness techniques are based on human science and research.

Fitness training provided to members will be required to agree to all terms and conditions before training. We provide all members with a coach to reduce each individual’s stress levels, and the mental coaching techniques include: 1 on 1 counseling, breathing sessions, mediation, and mentorship.

Our Uncomfortably Fit favorite definition of education is that, education is what you have left after you forget everything you’ve learned. It is not what you do or the test you take, but really the person you are becoming” said Dr. Thomas WcWeeney. Uncomfortably Fit is about wellness of the mind and body.

    -Stay Active, Be Motivated.

Mission Statement

At Uncomfortably Fit we strive to serve all walks of life and reach their highest potential physically and mentally.
Uncomfortably Fit is devoted to providing and improving the health of ALL individuals with our finest personal trainers and life coaches through nutrition, fitness, and wellness. 
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